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Actualización de COVID-19, vigente desde el 13/1/21:

¡Saludos a las buenas noticias! La Orden del Gobernador Regional Stay Home ha sido levantada y podemos dar la bienvenida a los invitados a la bodega para degustaciones al aire libre. Abrimos todos los días de 10 a. M. A 5 p. M.

Llame a la bodega si desea realizar una reserva de degustación. Las reservas online estarán disponibles pronto.

Recuerde que los protocolos COVID todavía están vigentes:

- Los grupos están limitados a un máximo de 6 personas incluidos los niños.

- Se deben usar máscaras en todo momento, excepto cuando esté sentado en su mesa.

- Mantenga una distancia de 6 pies entre usted y otras personas que no formen parte de su hogar.

A delightful spot to enjoy a picnic!

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Welcome to our magical grounds! Guests may picnic on our grounds with the purchase of wine. No need to make a reservation, but please note tables are available first come first served. Also, for the sake of your back and our landscaping, please do not move any tables or chairs. 


If your picnic group is larger than 8 people or you wish to have more space than just one table, we recommend a group reservation in our historic cellar. Click here to learn more about renting out the historic cellar!  


Children and well-behaved pets are welcome! Guests may bring their own food, but outside alcohol is strictly prohibited, including beer, liquor, and non-Boeger wine.

During the winter months, all of the tables on our grounds are available for picnicking. 

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FAQs about picnicking

Can we bring our own food  Absolutely! Guests are welcome to bring their own spread and non-alcoholic beverages.

Do you serve food?  No, unfortunately, we do not have a commercial kitchen or restaurant. But our tasting room is well-stocked with a great mix of snack items like cheese, crackers, nuts, chocolates and other munchies.

Some of the guests in my party aren't wine drinkers and prefer beer or liquor. Can they bring their own?  Our license does not allow for any alcohol on the property other than what we sell here. This means guests may not bring their own beer, liquor or wine. We could lose our license for violations, so guests found consuming outside alcohol will be asked to leave. 

We love your property and just want to enjoy our food, but not drink or buy anything. Is that okay? Thanks for the compliment! We do ask that all picnic guests support our business by making a purchase. Even if you don't want to taste, or dislike wine, consider buying a bottle or some of the great merchandise we sell in our tasting room. If you choose not to purchase anything, we're happy to recommend local public parks with great picnic areas. 

Can I smoke at the winery? We do not allow smoking of any kind (tobacco or marijuana) or vaping, on the winery grounds.